Lady Gaga’s newest record, 20 million Twitter followers

She’s set numerous YouTube records with her 10-minute-long music videos, but now she’s set a new record on a new popular media website.

Lady Gaga has established herself as the unchallenged queen of Twitter, becoming the first to have 20 million followers, two million more Justin Bieber with 18 million.

A relatively early adopter, @ladygaga joined the site on March 26th, 2008. Continue reading “Lady Gaga’s newest record, 20 million Twitter followers” Lady Gaga’s newest …

Who Loves Hulu?

So I went out and purchased my first tablet — the Vizio that I’ve wanted since January. Benefits?

  • Vizio kicks ass
  • It’s the only tablet with Hulu installed
  • It’s one of the lowest priced tablets available in the market

I’ll let any interested parties know how I like it, once I’ve played with it for a bit. I’m still awaiting the Vizio phone, hoping it’ll be 4G…

While I’m on the topic of Hulu,.. Yahoo, Google Inc, DirecTV and have all expressed interest in purchasing the company. The price will be going from $500 million all the way up to $2 billion, and the end of this week will give a substantially better outlook as to which company seems to be the one in charge.

How will all of this change the TV shows and everything else you love about Hulu? If Google wins, you can expect some sort of Hulu-YouTube merger in the future. That might have the potential for a poor, cluttered user experience. However, I can honestly say that it would be a better way to go than in the hands of Comcast, where Hulu currently resides.

Can Rebecca Black come back from the worst song ever, Friday?

The girl who made the horrible “Friday” song is back, with a new song. One that reminds you of a Disney teen, where her voice doesn’t project from her nose, with lyrics that are almost not half bad. Almost.

In March, the then-13-year-old’s music video for “Friday” bubbled up from the YouTube warrens to one of the site’s most-watched clips ever, rivaling anything produced by Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga. The consensus was that the track may be “the worst song of all time “, prefab pop, delivered in grating near-monotone, communicating solely that Black has seen calendars: “Tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes afterwards.”

If you haven’t seen the video, then click on!

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