Wilfork adds Haynesworth for Double Trouble

In another big, yet unsurprising move, the Washington Redskins have traded disgruntled defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth to the New England Patriots. Hopefully he can get back to his AFC glory days of the Titans.  In return, the Redskins will be compensated with a 2013 fifth round pick.

The Patriots are expected to pick up Haynesworth’s $5 million contract without any restructuring. This move will put Haynesworth next to Pro Bowler Vince Wilfork on New England’s defensive line.

The Patriots are getting famous for picking up another team’s problem and attempting to turn it into their treasure. Randy Moss may have left on awful terms, but he set an NFL record, went to the Super Bowl, and still traded him and a seventh round pick, for a third rounder in exchange. That’s getting some bang for your buck and mostly everyone expects the Patriots to repeat that story with Haynesworth.  Continue reading “Wilfork adds Haynesworth for Double Trouble” Wilfork adds Haynesworth …