Randy Moss working out as a 49er?

Am I the only San Francisco 49er fan that doesn’t want to see Randy Moss dress up in the red & gold?

I do not feel as if an aged veteran, arguably the 2nd best wide receiver in the history of football, has a place on the 49ers. Sure, SF lost to the (eventual Super Bowl winning) New York Giants with only 1 pass for 3 yards to a receiver. It’s common knowledge that Jed York, Jim Harbaugh, Trent Balke, and company will be looking for a few wideouts before the season starts. But folks, let’s go young. Let’s train rookies or go with some younger free agents.  Continue reading “Randy Moss working out as a 49er?” Randy Moss working out as…

Assassin’s Creed 3 trailer

The graphics are vastly improved, it seems. The CGI of the snow and character movements are like a breath of fresh air from Italy.

1777, British versus newly founded America.

The trailer is only a minute-and-a-half long, and the game will not be on the shelves for over seven-and-a-half-months from now. But still, I’m excited.

Our new hero is an assassin of Native American and English heritage by the name of Ratohnhaké:ton. Luckily, he also goes by the more easily pronounceable name of Connor. And although the new colonial setting offers more forests than scalable structures as we’ve seen in the Mediterranean cities of previous games, there’s still plenty of sneaking around in the woods along with more offensive combat.

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The Saints have Brees locked up, but what about Marques Colston?

Just about anyone who watches football knows that the Saints have one of the best high-powered offenses in the National Football League. Quarterback Drew Brees consistently has 11 guys who catch a football from him at some point in the game. The guy who has been on the top of that list for 6 years is Marques Colston, who is about to hit the free agent market.

The Saints have numerous players they need to lock up before free agency starts; it begin with Drew Brees, but no one knows when it will end, or with whom. With the emergence of Tight End Jimmy Graham, can the Saints afford to let Colston go instead of signing him to another 5 years?

Colston was a 6th round draft pick out of Hofstra, essentially a no-namer. He is still young at the age of 28, and across his 6 years he has 449 receptions going for 6,230 yards, averaging over 1,000 yards per season. View the highlight video:

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