Awesome album, very awesome. I’m listening to it at work.

I feel a lot less dirty now, having purchased it, after I downloaded all of the mp3’s about 2 weeks ago.. I had the lyrics to White Houses memorized about 2 months ago. =(

C’est La Vie is still my favorite track on the album. Afterglow is awesome as well. The whole album is good, what am I saying? ;p
If you loved ‘Be Not Nobody’, this one will give you orgasms in your sleep.

My biggest downside? Only 10 tracks.. EXCEPT THAT HIDDEN 11TH ONE, HAHA! So clever~
I can’t wait to pop this in and see the ‘Enhanced’ features.. it’ll have to be on my second computer, as I install EQ2 with all 37 CD’s on my main one. P.S… thanks Fry’s, for taking 20 minutes to deal with my pre-order and making me late for work this morning.

I used to go Trick-or-Treat’ing

..and now the candy is brought to me, in buckets.

If I don’t go to sleep tonight, I’ll¬†definitely¬†know why.


I also downloaded the entire Vanessa Carlton album last week.. and it’s not due for more than a week from now.
I feel so dirty.

I blame it on the fuckers who bid up the autographed version to over $150 a piece, which got me sad.. it would add to my autographed Vanessa Carlton CD collection. I’ll still buy the album, there’s some really good music on it, possibly better than her first one.