And the carpool lane empties, once again!

Thank goodness, too, because I was getting tired of seeing freeloading drivers in the high-occupancy¬†lane just because they purchased a specific vehicle during a specific time period. You’re no more carpooling than I am, why do I need to sit in horrendous bay area traffic?

My largest gripe lies within 3 lane freeways; one lane is dedicated to carpoolers, or those with the stickers; one lane contains nothing but big rigs who go 15-20 MPH slower than the rest of the traffic and literally leave a football field worth of space between them, and the middle lane contains normal commuters, going to and from work so they can pay their taxes.

The Mercury News parking lot yesterday held an event for drivers to mourn their past 6 years of free carpool lane rides. Good grief. View the video:¬† Continue reading “And the carpool lane empties, once again!” And the carpool lane empt…