Alex Smith to the Dolphins?


Still current-ish-for-now 49ers quarterback Alex Smith spent practically all weekend in Miami, after the Dolphins failed to land both Peyton Manning and ex-Packers Matt Flynn (now with the Seattle Seahawks, $26 million / 3 years). If the 49ers don’t land Peyton Manning this week, will Alex Smith decide to remain in San Francisco?

Honestly, the 49ers are burning Smith, just like the Denver Broncos are burning Tim Tebow after their chase for Peyton. It’s unfair to both quarterbacks, and I completely understand Smith needing to pursue other options while he still has the chance. Do I see Alex Smith being able to be a starting QB anywhere else in the league?

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Top NFL players week 15

So I’ve made it into the fantasy Football Super Bowl in both of my money leagues, hooray for guaranteed cash! Do you have a little bit more trust in my weekly football blogs now?

Drew Brees, with 2 games left to play, is a meager 300 yards from breaking Dan Marino’s record. The good news is, he’s averaging 340 yards per game. The bad news is, Brees owners need to find a backup, as the Saints not only have a playoff spot locked up, but still have a chance at taking a first-round bye as well. Any game they have a blowout locked victory, you can expect Drew to be eating hotdogs on the sidelines.

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Top NFL players week 9

The Packers are still undefeated, and the 49ers seem as if they won’t stop for anybody. Two of this week’s top players originate from the Green Bay versus San Diego game, and while San Francisco can garnish no real weekly threat, they (especially their defense) remain a spectacle to behold.

Miami is still in the running for a grand prize of Andrew Luck, but their latest Quarterback dominated this past weekend, and is out to show people that he’s an every week starter. Believable, or not? The Saints’ old running back on that team proved that he isn’t a bye-week fill-in, either. And, doubling his touchdown total for the season, The Chargers’ top receiver makes the statement to everyone that he is on top. Good luck with the remainder of your fantasy season, and..  Continue reading “Top NFL players week 9” Top NFL players week 9