Super Bowl in the Snow

With the Super Bowl  for the 2013-2014 season being played in the new Giants/Jets MetLife Stadium in New York (East Rutherford, New Jersey), it will be the first ever final NFL game in cold weather climate, outside.

Last year the Super Bowl was held at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. This year’s big game is at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana – the home of the Colts.

The logo for the 2014 game was unveiled today, with an icy blue-and-white snowflake, centered before the George Washington Bridge. “I think that’s great,” the NFL commissioner Roger Goddell said. “A little snow would be great for us. But whatever comes our way, we’re going to be prepared for it.”

Although the lowest Super Bowl kickoff temperature has been 39 degrees, average February temperatures at East Rutherford, New Jersey, are 24 to 40 degrees. “It’s football like it was meant to be played; in the open, exposed to whatever winter throws our way,” the new print advertising campaign for the game states.

Goodell is hoping for light snow and maintained the organizers will be prepared for foul weather. “We’re coming and playing in the winter, and I think that would be great,” he said. “Some of our most memorable games were played in unusual weather circumstances. Winter and cold are part of football, and snow is also.”