StarCraft II: It’s about time

Twelve years later, and over a decade in the making, it is finally here. StarCraft II (Wings of Liberty) releases tonight. I was excited about this game coming out 2-3 years ago, but that slowly faded as I “found other things to do”, and now I sadly cannot fathom purchasing this game and not having time to play it at home.

I remember racing home from school, running into my room, loading up the infamous Dial-Up internet, and connecting to the Battle.Net servers to play some StarCraft online with friends. I had a massive account, thousands of wins, and was a member of one of the top StarCraft websites ( – now extinct) at the time. As such, this franchise holds a special place in my heart.

I had a chance to play the beta for awhile when visiting my sister and her boyfriend a few months back; it was fun, not as complicated as I figured it would have been, but I still had the Real-Time Strategy (RTS) skill, for sure! View the cinematic trailer here: