Starbucks is now mobile!

Starbucks is at it again, allowing you to pay for that new 31-ounce calorie-filled drink you decided would be a good idea at the time, with your iPhone or Blackberry. The program officially started today, albeit it had been tested in New York and California for some time now. But it’s here nationwide, allowing you to reload your Starbucks cards, purchase drinks and other goodies, etc.

Ahh, technology! Thankfully every Starbucks sends out free AT&T WiFi which iPhones automatically pick up.

Starbucks: Another way to kill you faster

Americans are starting to get healthy again. And to combat this change in diet, Starbucks has introduced a 31-ounce size cup of coffee and other calorie-filled drinks.

Because Venti, the 20-ounce size, is not enough, Starbucks now has 11 ounces more in the form of Trenta. The regular 16-ounce Grande has an estimate of 420 calories each serving and that depends on which beverage you’re getting. So if you order Trenta, you’re doubling the caloric intake which equals to one-and-a-half McDonald’s Big Macs.

Good luck keeping those New Years Resolutions!