What is this world coming to?

So here I am, sitting in my silly Statistics class, a mathematics course that is substantially lower than any other I have taken in the past fifteen to twenty years. A friend of mine states that this will become more difficult in the end, as I roll my eyes and hope that it does.

I waste two nights a week here, Mondays and Wednesdays, for an hour and a half a night. The term “waste” comes into play due to the fact that there are no classes which start at 7pm or later, so as opposed to taking a 3-hour class like the two I had last semester or the other two I have this semester, I utilize two nights for a class in which I will not learn anything for at least the first two months. Thank you, Business Administration pre-requisite!

We have tonight finally moved onto learning about the Mode Average of a set of numbers, which I learned about in 7th grade – when I was 12/13 years old. Modes are my favorite because they can be completely and wildly inaccurate as a measurement of an average set of numbers. If you’re still clueless, think “the number which most frequently appears” — congratulations, you have now learned the most difficult thing of the first two weeks of statistics.

I filed my taxes yesterday – after difficulties with H&R Block’s software that I’ve used for the third straight year, I should be receiving over $4200 back; whenever California and Obama get around to dropping that into my checking account. Thank goodness for claiming mortgage interest and property taxes.

My Packers won the Super Bowl this past weekend, which you knew already. And by “my”, I mean “the team I’ve been repping all year long, especially once we realized the 49ers were a wash”. My favorite football teams, in order, San Francisco 49ers, Green Bay Packers, New Orleans Saints. And if you must know two additional facts.. 1) I repped the Saints the entire season last year, and 2) I am now 4-0 in my last 4 Super Bowl picks (Giants/Steelers/Saints/Packers).

I’ve been playing the Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood game I purchased post-Christmas pretty heavily for the past two weeks. It’s essentially Assassin’s Creed II (and a half), with multi-player that I have yet to get into. I even “forgot” to go to sleep twice last week, coincidentally Monday and Wednesday night, after this slow-paced statistics class.

I could give you some of the retarded things that go on in this classroom. Such as the guy divided 33/53 and came up with 25%, using a calculator. Or the the teacher explaining how to find the middle number of a short 5-number list, for ten minutes, and the guy next to me asking “Can you explain that again? I got lost.” I swear to god, I was going to stab somebody with my mechanical pencil. I do not see how many of these students passed high school mathematics, let alone achieved the pre-requisite of Introduction to Algebra for this class registration.

That’s it for now. Time to doodle and diddle some classic stick-figure artwork in my math notes. Ciao~