Who’s the next boss for Randy Moss?

Having been let go by his second team in less than a month, Randy Moss is expected to be available to all other NFL teams on today after being waived by the Minnesota Vikings yesterday. However, where will he go?

Just like the post I did on Terrell Owens, here are my predictions for the waiver wire this week:

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If Moss is out, do the Redskins sign T.O.?

A good point was brought up: Maybe the Redskins should reconsider signing T.O. if Santana Moss is suspended by the NFL after being linked to Canadian doctor Anthony Galea, who was charged with smuggling human growth hormone into the United States. Would the McNabb-Owens reunion be a good thing for the Redskins?

Personally, I don’t see how it could be worse. The 36-year-old veteran receiver might still be pursued if Moss is out for the year, or at least a large chunk of time. What better way to make Donovan McNabb partially useless in his new team.

Santana Moss injected with HGH

Redskins wide receiver Santana Moss has become the first NFL player connected to Canadian doctor Anthony Galea, who was charged Tuesday for allegedly smuggling performance-enhancing drugs into the U.S.

According to reports from The Washington Post and The Buffalo News, Moss was treated by Galea consistently, beginning in October 2007. Those treatments are believed to involve the injection of HGH (Human Growth Hormone). It’s also believed Moss is the player Galea was en route to D.C. to treat when he was arrested in September of 2009. Moss suffered from lingering knee problems in ’06 and ’07.

This is a shame, really. With the addition of Donovan McNabb, I envisioned Moss having a great season, now that he has an actual QB to throw the ball and not someone who is indecisive and just stands in the pocket all day (Jason Campbell).