SJPD negligence leads to gun-shot death?

San Jose’s 15th homicide this year means we’re edging closer to Oakland, woohoo! But seriously, that’s a nicer part of town (compared to many areas of the city). And police, why again aren’t you letting paramedics take care of someone with a gunshot wound? There was clearly no more threat upstairs, no one else was getting shot.

A woman who was attacked in an apartment complex near San Jose City College on Wednesday night has died, marking the city’s 15th homicide this year.┬áThe Santa Clara County coroner’s office has confirmed the death but is referring all calls to San Jose police.

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San Jose on top!

A company today released a list of the top worldwide and U.S. cities based on their broadband speeds. It measured only cities with more than 75,000 people connecting for more than three months using a 30-day rolling average. The results are subject to change, and given that no place in the U.S. ranks in the global Top 10 (the first U.S. city is San Jose, which is ranked 18th worldwide).

Here are the top 10 U.S. cities and their corresponding 30-day average speeds:

  1. San Jose, Calif. 15.02
  2. Saint Paul, Minn. 14.53
  3. Pittsburgh, Pa. 14.18
  4. Oklahoma City, Okla. 12.12
  5. Brooklyn, N.Y. 12.10
  6. Tampa, Fla. 12.05
  7. Bronx, N.Y. 12.01
  8. New York, N.Y. 11.85
  9. Denver, Colo. 11.68
  10. Sacramento, Calif. 11.34

The global top 10:

  1. Seoul, South Korea 34.49
  2. Riga, Latvia 27.88
  3. Hamburg, Germany 26.85
  4. Chisinau, Republic of Moldova 24.31
  5. Helsinki, Finland 20.58
  6. Stockholm, Sweden 19.97
  7. Bucharest, Romania 19.68
  8. Sofia, Bulgaria 18.99
  9. Kharkov, Ukraine 18.15
  10. Kaunas, Lithuania 17.46

This makes the United States appear so slow!