Top NFL Players week 17

While there was only one mystery to be had on playoff positioning (New York Giants making it, the Dallas Cowboys going home) there were plenty of surprises with the performances of each top player this week. I was able to win my second money league’s super bowl, thanks to my opponent’s Aaron Rodgers resting up for next weekend.

Now that we’re done with the regular season of 2011, enjoy the playoffs, as all 3 of my favorite teams are in it this year.  Continue reading “Top NFL Players week 17” Top NFL Players week 17

Top NFL players week 14

I’ve been dominant in my first week of my 2 money fantasy football leagues. It’s all about paying attention to your players and their matchups.

Do you take that average quarterback going up against the Minnesota Vikings or the New York Giants, who have the worst 2 pass defenses in the league? Of course you do!

Should I pick up a Toby Gerhart who has barely touched the ball all season, just because Adrian Peterson is injured? Heck yeah!

If you stay active in your leagues, you win games. If your team consists of players who are outside of the top 20, you can still achieve success. Watch the waiver wire, stay in-tune to player news and injuries, and grab those backups!

Three weeks of regular season football remain, good luck out there.  Continue reading “Top NFL players week 14” Top NFL players week 14

Top 5 Fantasy Football RBs to draft right now

Rounding out the running back selection for the NFL this season, I present the top 5 RBs that you should focus on. Ones that will remain productive, but not cost you a first round gamble. Guys that will shine on just a dime. Chris Johnson almost made my “stay away from” list, but his contract has been worked out today, and he’s ready to rock & roll until 2016.

I won’t mention guys like Adrian Peterson, as it should be obvious — pretty much everyone’s #1 overall pick the past 2 years. You know the production you’ll get out of him, and you know it’s going to cost you a top-3 first round pick.

As such, here are guys to look for after that crucial first round:  Continue reading “Top 5 Fantasy Football RBs to draft right now” Top 5 Fantasy Football RB…