Top NFL players week 11

The San Francisco 49ers have their first winning season since 2002, and they’re not done yet. The Green Bay Packers remain undefeated, and both teams play on Thanksgiving. It’s like a feat of my favorite teams who are both atop the entire NFL.

My Packers this week play a team who used to be a dangerous 5-0 until the 49ers exposed them, gave them their first of 3 losses, but this past weekend produced the #1 QB and #1 RB of the week. Will the Harbaugh brothers (Jim Harbaugh, 49ers coach, and John Harbaugh, Ravens coach) have a strong defensive game on Thanksgiving when they face each other? This will be the first time in NFL history two brothers square off as head coaches of their respective teams.

Thanks to Adrian Peterson, Ryan Mathews, and Fred Jackson (IR now) all having crappy games, I lost my 3rd game of the season in one of my money leagues. Ugh! Thanks a lot, guys. But on to the guys who gave their teams big points:  Continue reading “Top NFL players week 11” Top NFL players week 11

The 2012 Suck for Luck sweepstakes! And the contestants are…

Ever since Andrew Luck backed out on his first-overall pick for the 2011 NFL season, we are now wondering how, and more specifically where, he is going to place next year. Maybe he just didn’t want to end up on the Panthers, as Cam Newton did instead?

Luck already has a storied college career with a list of accomplishments too long to list, although some highlights include being the runner-up for the 2010 Heisman Trophy and being named Pac-10 Offensive Player of the Year. Some scouts have been calling him, “The best prospect they’ve ever scouted,” and he has been drawing comparisons to former #1 overall pick Peyton Manning. Whoever finishes with the worst record in the upcoming NFL season will have the opportunity to draft Luck, and here are some of my predictions.  Continue reading “The 2012 Suck for Luck sweepstakes! And the contestants are…” The 2012 Suck for Luck sw…