Which seat did Rebecca Black take on Friday?

I always want to force people to watch this stupid video on Fridays, but since she cried on and on and had the video blocked on YouTube, it’s increasingly difficult to find.

Until now. When I put it on my site, bwahaha!

I want to thank the studio for making this available to the public. They can contact me if they have any problems.

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Can Rebecca Black come back from the worst song ever, Friday?

The girl who made the horrible “Friday” song is back, with a new song. One that reminds you of a Disney teen, where her voice doesn’t project from her nose, with lyrics that are almost not half bad. Almost.

In March, the then-13-year-old’s music video for “Friday” bubbled up from the YouTube warrens to one of the site’s most-watched clips ever, rivaling anything produced by Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga. The consensus was that the track may be “the worst song of all time “, prefab pop, delivered in grating near-monotone, communicating solely that Black has seen calendars: “Tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes afterwards.”

If you haven’t seen the video, then click on!

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