LT pleads “not guilty” this week

What do you think? Did he do it? Did she say she was 19?

Lawrence Taylor appeared in a New York state courtroom on Tuesday and pleaded not guilty to a rape charge levied against him in May. Taylor was arrested on May 6 when police alleged that he had sex with what they said was a prostituted 16-year-old girl. Taylor is accused of paying $300 to have sex with her.

ESPN reported that Taylor left the courthouse holding his wife’s hand and was asked if was looking ahead to a day in court. “Hopefully it don’t go that far, Taylor said. His attorney, Arthur Aidala, has maintained Taylor’s innocence since May. “I am saying that he did not have sexual intercourse, as it’s defined in the penal law, with this person,” Aidala told ESPN prior to Tuesday.

Before the hearing, the AP reported that Taylor told a reporter “grow up” when asked if he was guilty. Taylor isn’t due in court again until Aug. 24. Federal documents released in May said that the Pro Football Hall of Famer admitted to sex acts with the girl, but that Taylor claimed the girl said she was 19. Taylor’s agent, Mark Lepselter, told ESPN his client has struggled to deal with the stress since his arrest. “He’s been very subdued for the past two months from the day back in May,” Lepselter said. “I haven’t seen him like this. Mentally he’s trying to get through it.”