Playboy + Lindsay Lohan = ?

The 25-year-old allegedly turned down an initial offer of $750,000 for the legendary men’s magazine, and agreed upon a figure closer to her initial asking price of $1 million. Nothing says “serious actress” like posing for a spread in Playboy. Her rep is neither confirming nor denying the reports, so at the moment, we live in a world where this is an actual possibility.

However, Lindsay’s decision doesn’t come as a total surprise. Lohan is not the most modest of celebs; we’ve seen A LOT of her skin as it is. The forum is just different here. There’s also the Marilyn Monroe emulation syndrome at play: Lohan has repeatedly aligned herself with the icon (and former Playboy model, herself). Her company 6126 is named for Monroe’s birth date, and remember when Lohan recreated Monroe’s last nude photo shoot for New York magazineContinue reading “Playboy + Lindsay Lohan = ?” Playboy + Lindsay Lohan =…

Ironman to take on Playboy

Though there are no solid plans in place yet for a Hugh Hefner biopic, director Brett Ratner thought it would be a good idea to get Hef’s approval on someone to play him before anything else.

Hef’s choice? Robert Downey Jr.

After a meeting that included Robert, Hef and Brett, the original Playboy has been at Robert to consider to role, bringing it up wherever the two stumble into each other, like the Iron Man 2 premiere just a few weeks ago.

Brett agrees and explains that he believes that Robert would do it, if the script is strong enough.

And there is the snag as there is so much to tell of the life in Hugh Hefner that it has been difficult for the writers to lock down the story.