Why Colin Kaepernick should start and Alex Smith should walk

While I’m not stating the following post WILL happen, I do believe there remains the possibility of it becoming reality, not matter how slim.

The 49ers moved up in the 2nd round of last year’s draft to select Colin Kaepernick with the 36th (2nd/4th) overall selection. He is a West Coast-type athlete from the University of Nevada, leading his team to a 13-win season as a senior and one of a nearly empty list of college quarterbacks who have thrown for 10,000 yards and rushed for 4,000 in their college careers. Additionally, he became only the third quarterback in NCAA history to throw for 3,000 yards and rush for 1,000 yards in a single season. Colin was drafted 1 pick behind Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton. Continue reading “Why Colin Kaepernick should start and Alex Smith should walk” Why Colin Kaepernick shou…

Alex Smith to the Dolphins?


Still current-ish-for-now 49ers quarterback Alex Smith spent practically all weekend in Miami, after the Dolphins failed to land both Peyton Manning and ex-Packers Matt Flynn (now with the Seattle Seahawks, $26 million / 3 years). If the 49ers don’t land Peyton Manning this week, will Alex Smith decide to remain in San Francisco?

Honestly, the 49ers are burning Smith, just like the Denver Broncos are burning Tim Tebow after their chase for Peyton. It’s unfair to both quarterbacks, and I completely understand Smith needing to pursue other options while he still has the chance. Do I see Alex Smith being able to be a starting QB anywhere else in the league?

Continue reading “Alex Smith to the Dolphins?” Alex Smith to the Dolphin…

49ers could have the best quarterback since Young, Montana

But at what price? The 49ers know they are the best option for Peyton Manning. He’s 36 years old looking for the last few good years in the twilight of a great and successful NFL career.

With successful veteran Randy Moss new into the mix, and a veteran quarterback, both looking at first round Hall of Fame inductions, the San Francisco 49ers have a chance to build a team that can win it’s first Super Bowl since the days of Steve Young and Joe Montana. You know, when Jerry Rice was around.

Even with Denver, Tennessee, Arizona, Miami in hot pursuit of Peyton Manning, it was actually the ex-Colts QB who contacted the 49ers for an opportunity to play for the red & gold, instead of the blue & white. What about Alex Smith?