The oil spill couldn’t be bad enough, we found a new way!

This is exactly what we need. Oil stoppage to cease, oil to resume flowing freely into the sea, and hopefully some hurricanes consumed with oil. Lightning please? It’d be awesome for us to lose the entire Southeastern section of the United Stated to pouring fire rain. Is it 2012 yet?

A tropical depression racing toward the Gulf of Mexico Thursday increased pressure on BP and the U.S. government to decide whether to evacuate dozens of ships at the site of the ruptured oil well. The National Hurricane Center in Miami said a cluster of thunderstorms in the Bahamas formed into a tropical depression Thursday morning. It could reach the spill site within two and a half days, said Lexion Avila, a senior hurricane specialist. A tropical storm warning has been issued for the central and northwestern Bahamas, for Florida’s east coast south of Golden Beach and also along Florida’s west coast northward to Bonita Beach. A tropical storm watch is in effect for Florida’s east coast north of Golden Beach.

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BP still working on oil “cap”

Are they seriously still working on this? I’d have figured that billions of dollars + top scientists and researchers in the world should have figured this out by now. It’s not like we’re curing cancer, or anything.

Oil spewed unabated into the Gulf of Mexico for a second day as BP prepared a new cap for its damaged well, but the company said work was progressing faster than expected. The oil flow increased Saturday after the older cap, which was installed June 4, was removed. That device allowed some crude to keep pouring into the Gulf. BP hopes the new, tighter cap will collect most if all of the oil. The switchover, made possible by robotic submarines, should now be completed in three to six days, BP said.

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