Farewell, Netflix! Hello, Hulu?

I canceled my Netflix after their 60% rate hike last night – yesterday was the start of a new billing cycle, and that’s when my $10 became $16 (more like $17-something after tax).

So what if I like to get a DVD every few days? I can actually grab a newer movie that Netflix doesn’t place on their streaming service, and not have to deal with the stupid bandwidth ever-changing and making it look as if I’m watching a VHS tape from the 1970s.

I checked out the Hulu Plus service for the free trial week, and we ended up watching like 4 hours of Dog the Bounty Hunter. I’m considering not signing up for the monthly membership, simply due to Linda’s ability to watch some of the stupidest shows around, in a non-stop intelligence-lowering chain.

But since Hulu also has an app on my iPhone, and i have my new Vizio tablet, which is the only tablet with Hulu installed, is still worth having? We don’t have a cable television service at home; it’s streaming, or whatever movies we have stacked around.

What do you think? Do you subscribe to Hulu, or know people who enjoy paying for the service? I loved Hulu back when it was free, and I was single, with oodles of more time on my hands.