Nate Clements and his high salary are gone from San Francisco

Will the 49ers be able to pick up Nnamdi Asomugha after removing Nate Clements and his $80 million (8 year) salary? Clements’ deal includes $42.5 million in salaries for the 2011-15 seasons, which the 49ers will now not have to pay.

And if the highly prized ex-Raider cornerback doesn’t work out, how about Jonathan Joseph from the Cincinnati Bengals? Or Antonio Cromartie from the New York Jets (San diego Chargers before that), who is also on the Free Agency list?

Now with the cuts of other high-paid players, the 49ers should have a ton of salary breathing room. Maybe we’ll just take 2 new corners, and leave Shantae Spencer as a Nickleback? I just want to get this show on the road, and have one less question in my head as to the state of the upcoming 49er defense.

Yet another A. Smith joins the San Francisco 49ers

It’s not a secret that the Red & Gold Faithful are in need of a new signal caller throwing the football for this season. It’s also very apparent that we’re overpaying some of our defensive secondary players, and I won’t mention any names like Nate Clements. Oops.

However, Jim Harbaugh loves Alex Smith and believes the kid can still be the starter that he was drafted over Aaron Rodgers to be. Regarding the cornerback situation, I have no idea. The Arizona Cardinals sniped Patrick Peterson which means that the 49ers, a few picks later, grabbed the first defensive lineman of the 2011 NFL draft, Aldon Smith.

He’ll be with former Missouri defensive lineman Justin Smith, and will be on the field with Patrick Willis – not a bad combination, really. 6’4¼” and 263 lbs coming out of Missouri, let me throw some of his 2009 credentials your way…  Continue reading “Yet another A. Smith joins the San Francisco 49ers” Yet another A. Smith join…