Will Alex Smith have another chance at being a 49er?

Alex Smith was the No. 1 overall pick by the San Francisco 49ers in the 2005 NFL draft. With that selection came huge expectations that Smith has been unable to meet. Simply put, Smith has never measured up to his high draft status and has been a big disappointment.

Following the 2010 season, the odds for Smith returning to the 49ers were astronomical. The 49ers’ management didn’t want him back, Smith had no desire to continue playing in San Francisco and the fans despised him. Somehow, when team owner Jed York and GM Trent Baalke brought Jim Harbaugh aboard as the new head coach, the thick block of ice between the team and Smith melted.

Although Smith is not officially a 49er due to the lockout, it is a virtual certainty that when the labor impasse ends, he will be signed and start the year as Jim Harbaugh’s quarterback. Harbaugh has frequently praised Smith and even given him a copy of the playbook, even though he was unsigned.

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Who misses Singletary? Vernon doesn’t.

Vernon Davis was caught by TMZ one night, stating he does not miss his old head coach Mike Singletary, and that he’s fired up about the prospect of playing with injury-riddled Broncos quarterback Kyle Orton, who is rumored to be on the outs in Denver with Tim Tebow starting to take the reigns. When asked if an Orton-to-SF deal was in the works, Davis told us, “Kyle Orton, if you’re coming, come on buddy. I love you.”

I liked Kyle Orton several years ago when he was with the bears, the Orton to Greg Olsen (TE) was a huge combination, so I can only imagine that Orton-VDavis will be huge as well.

2010 is the year of the New Head Coach

compiled/edited by Jason ZajdelWith the NFL season officially over and the playoffs starting this weekend, here is a recap of the head coach firing madness:

  • Wade Phillips – Dallas Cowboys – November 8 – Fired after Dallas, projected to win their division, were thought of as the worst team in NFL (despite the Buffalo Bills having a winless season at that point).
  • Brad Childress – Minnesota Vikings – November 22 – Fired after multiple arguments with star players and realization that the playoffs were no longer reachable this season, as they made it to the NFC Championship game last season.
  • Josh McDaniels – Denver Broncos – December 6 – Fired after being caught videotaping the 49ers before the London game.
  • Mike Singletary – San Francisco 49ers – December 27 – Jed York fired Mike just hours after the loss to the St. Louis Rams which put the 49ers officially out of the playoff hopes, after San Francisco was projected to win the division. Mike’s coaching record for the 49ers ended at 18 wins and 22 losses.
  • Eric Mangini – Cleveland Browns – January 3 – After 2 straight seasons at 5-11 including losing the last 4 games of this season, Mike Holmgren made the decision to not give Eric a third chance.
My predictions for the next coaches to be fired before next season:
  • Jeff Fisher – Tennessee Titans – He may not be back next year, between arguments with quarterback Vince Young and coaching/owner staff, despite his record of success in the past.
  • Tony Sparano – Miami Dolphins – Many fans are calling for Tony to be released if Miami has any chance for the future. His job is at this time undetermined.