Playboy + Lindsay Lohan = ?

The 25-year-old allegedly turned down an initial offer of $750,000 for the legendary men’s magazine, and agreed upon a figure closer to her initial asking price of $1 million. Nothing says “serious actress” like posing for a spread in Playboy. Her rep is neither confirming nor denying the reports, so at the moment, we live in a world where this is an actual possibility.

However, Lindsay’s decision doesn’t come as a total surprise. Lohan is not the most modest of celebs; we’ve seen A LOT of her skin as it is. The forum is just different here. There’s also the Marilyn Monroe emulation syndrome at play: Lohan has repeatedly aligned herself with the icon (and former Playboy model, herself). Her company 6126 is named for Monroe’s birth date, and remember when Lohan recreated Monroe’s last nude photo shoot for New York magazineContinue reading “Playboy + Lindsay Lohan = ?” Playboy + Lindsay Lohan =…

Lindsay Lohan back into court, from House Arrest to the Big House

Oh, my dear LiLo, you shall never learn until you’re locked away for 2+ years, will you? Tsk tsk.

Lindsay Lohan may be going from house arrest to the Big House. TMZ reports that the troubled star, who turns 25 next week, recently tested positive for alcohol and must appear before a judge in an LA County Superior Court this morning.

The former Disney actress was sentenced last month to four months in jail after she pleaded no contest in the theft of a $2,500 necklace in April. Due to prison overcrowding and because she is a nonviolent offender, she’s been serving the time via house arrest. Lohan’s alleged positive alcohol test means she violated her probation terms — and L.A.’s probation department plans to ask Judge Stephan Sautner to throw her into LA County Jail.


See ya in 4 months, Lindsay!

Our favorite celebutard has had the book thrown at her today in court, sentenced to 120 days in jail. Lindsay’s lawyer has said she’ll appeal, which means Lindsay is entitled to post bail.

Lohan was also ordered to complete 480 hours of community service, 360 of those hours must be performed at the Downtown Women’s Center, so Lindsay can see how needy women have to live. The remaining 120 hours will be served at the L.A. County morgue. Judge Sautner explained that Lindsay should have called the store and notified the owners about the necklace sooner. She waited several weeks and returned the necklace after finding out the cops were about to raid her house. Sautner seemed influenced by the surveillance video, which she saw for the first time in court today.