Dear Mr Brees, can I get a loan?

The lockout imposed by New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees is over, and he’s signed a 5-year, $100 million contract. The best part? $60 million is guaranteed, and he receives $40 million the first year.

I suppose I’d have to pay my play caller a bundle too, if I didn’t have a head coach running the game. Sorry, Sean Payton.

He’s 33 year old now, and locked in until the age of 38. He broke the season-record for passing yards last year, sorry Dan Marino.

Calvin Johnson, aka Megatron, received a $132/8yrs contract back in March. Last year it was Larry Fitzgerald and Michael Vick to receive huge contracts.

Megatron’s Megadeal

Megatron. That sums up the new contract that Detroit Lions star receiver Calvin Johnson Jr extended to yesterday. Last season’s breadwinners were Michael Vick (6 years / $100 million) and Larry Fitzgerald (8 years / $120 million). The Cardinals receiver was the highest paid receiver of all time.

Johnson has signed an eight-year deal worth up to $132 million, making him the now-highest-paid receiver in the NFL. He had a year remaining on a deal he signed after being drafted in 2007, but this extension starts immediately and runs through the 2019 season.  Continue reading “Megatron’s Megadeal” Megatron’s Megadeal

Top NFL Players week 16

All year long football fans have witnessed his explosiveness. He won the Super Bowl last season, and sent a message to the other 31 teams in the NFL, “Just you try to stop me”. I wonder how Brett Favre is feeling right now?

I won the Fantasy Football Super Bowl in my $50 entry league (winning $200), and am 15 points up coming into the final game of my $20 entry league’s Super Bowl, with an ESPN projection that may plant me another 30 points over my opponent. Two championship wins out of two leagues, there we go! How have your teams fared?

With one week left to go…  Continue reading “Top NFL Players week 16” Top NFL Players week 16