Superman moving away from Magic?

Will we see Dwight Howard as a Los Angeles Laker this next season? We all know he’s rather fed up with constant loss & disappointment. Orlando has no significant player to create a duo with him.

With aging Kobe Bryant and a saddened Los Angeles team, could Superman be going to the Lakers? What would the trade be, going from the Lakers to the Magic?

For starters, the Lakers won’t get rid of Kobe Bryant. Ever. He’s the face of that team, and all hope for another championship soon would be gone. How about¬†Lamar Odom, Andrew Bynum, and a draft pick? I say get rid of Ron Artest, too.. but hey. Whatever works.

What do you think? Can Dwight Howard be a Laker?

Are the Lakers done for the remainder of Kobe’s career?

The story of how the Lakers lost their way, lost their chance at a place in history, is ultimately a story of how two of the great winners in the NBA lost their ability to control the team.

It’s why Phil Jackson was swept out of the playoffs for the first time instead of adding to his collection of 11 coaching championship rings. It’s why¬†Kobe Bryant, the Most Valuable Player of the past two NBA Finals, couldn’t lead his team back to the championship round. It’s why the unusually early playoff exit and start of retirement couldn’t come fast enough for Jackson, who admitted it felt “really good to be ending this season, to be honest with you.”

“This team just had an ability to get in a funk and not be able to heal and surge, to find that common thread to come back and turn things around,” Jackson said Wednesday in his final address to the media as coach of the Lakers. “And I never really had a team like that, that couldn’t make adjustments and learn from mistakes.”

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