Top 5 Fantasy Football RBs to draft right now

Rounding out the running back selection for the NFL this season, I present the top 5 RBs that you should focus on. Ones that will remain productive, but not cost you a first round gamble. Guys that will shine on just a dime. Chris Johnson almost made my “stay away from” list, but his contract has been worked out today, and he’s ready to rock & roll until 2016.

I won’t mention guys like Adrian Peterson, as it should be obvious — pretty much everyone’s #1 overall pick the past 2 years. You know the production you’ll get out of him, and you know it’s going to cost you a top-3 first round pick.

As such, here are guys to look for after that crucial first round:  Continue reading “Top 5 Fantasy Football RBs to draft right now” Top 5 Fantasy Football RB…