2010 is done already? That was it?

I’ve decided that my jar of heart collecting should by now be absolutely empty, much to Christina Perri’s pleasure I am certain. Any karmatic balances this world holds should well be balanced for me by now from any previous actions I’ve taken in the past. For the rest of you, I apologize for any inflictions I have created. Let there be justice, please. I’ve paid my dues.

To ensure that I have a better “new year”, I’m going with the culmination of my original thought process enforced by a friend’s methodology, and cutting ties. Possibly a lot of ties. More importantly those that are poisonous to me, useless in nature, or are self-inflicting painful. Starting will be the removal of a few connections on Facebook, or the entire removal of my profile. Who knows. I may quietly flip a coin somewhere off into the distance.

I can on one hand count the number of people, not related to me, that I consider myself thankful for interacting with this year; whether I knew you previously or we met through some cosmic force during the course of this past year. This is not a prosperous message to state, obviously, yet the fact still remains.

Where do I journey on from here? While I am still working through that, both in the mental and the physical sense, I realize that time will unfold everything, when it’s good and ready. I’ll take yet another page from Kid Cudi, as I did last year:

Away very far away
To another universe where all people say
It’s a new new place for the special to embrace
Like a martian you seein’ it
Wandered out the place
Take what you need from the valley of the hopeful
Even if you dry you’ll be floatin’ high above it
You can say Bye Bye Bye
Sky might be fallin’ but remember you can fly high

Funny how little things can change. Or to quote one of my favorite personalities, Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson, my New Years resolution is to remember last year resolution and finish that one first.

Good night everyone. Be safe.

Gaga weekend!

Gaga and performers, on her latest tour
Gaga and performers, on her latest tour

So, Gaga was pretty fantastical. I pretty much lost all verbal speech ability by the end of last night, and answering a phone call today at work was quite the excitingly fun challenge. I may have also danced off about ten pounds. Kid Cudi put on a good show, and the opening band was complete crap (good to those who didn’t know any better, but I’ve seen my large share of bands, and these people were on the lower end, I don’t even recall their name).

I didn’t get home until around 4am, but not before I was sniped by the CHP on my exit off the freeway at 3:45am or so — apparently I was going 95 on the freeway, which is quite the feat considering I had cruise control set at 74. You can bet I’ll be fighting that in court, and I’ll be lucky enough to see a 3am shift cop in at 11am to tell his side of the story to the judge. No matter, I haven’t been convicted of a speeding ticket in my Mustang since.. uhh.. summer 2006. So, yeah. =)

We have our sweet Christmas bonus being added to our paycheck this week, and I can instantly think of a half dozen ways to spend a free grand that I wouldn’t normally expect to have readily available. While I would love to repaint my car with some more snazz, the clutch needs to be done.. c’est le vie. I suppose I could wait until tax time (which always yields a high amount of cash back for me, thanks homeownership!) to deal with the automobile issues, and either throw it into a gym membership again, pay off some random credit card, or.. who knows.

I missed Muse playing at NSSN this year (see posts a few weeks back), but I heard from the grapevine that they will be performing in April, again. So, hooray!

As I type this, I am watching the 49ers dismantle the Cardinals.. too bad it means little as the chance of San Francisco making it to the playoffs is rather slim. I’m winning this week’s football pool however. I had 11 picks right, and the next closest has 10, and he chose the Cardinals for this game, meaning at best we would tie and go to total points for the tiebreaker; but seeing as the 49ers look to demolish this game, I’ll be taking the cash this week!

I added my little musical lyrics section there on the right – currently there’s two songs, and I am attempting to figure out some way of making it easier for me to incorporate additionals, as the current method by which I have it done is going to become complicated as soon as a I add a few more in there.

Anyhow, happy December! Christmas coming soon, viva Las Vegas!