Lady Gaga’s newest record, 20 million Twitter followers

She’s set numerous YouTube records with her 10-minute-long music videos, but now she’s set a new record on a new popular media website.

Lady Gaga has established herself as the unchallenged queen of Twitter, becoming the first to have 20 million followers, two million more Justin Bieber with 18 million.

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Nearly One-in-Ten teens have had a same-sex experience

This is an article that I read a bit ago which somewhat surprised me. It made me wonder how things were back when I was in high school.

Nearly one in ten teens who is sexually active has had a same-sex partner — double what previous research has shown, according to a surprising new study. The latest findings, published in the journal Pediatrics, reveal that 9.3 percent of teenagers say they have had at least one partner who is the same sex as they are.

That’s about twice as many as indicated in a 2002 study of Massachusetts and Vermont teens showing 5 to 6 percent of teen having sex had had same-sex partners. “I don’t know that it means there’s an increase in prevalence,” said Massachusetts psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Carlat, AOL Health’s mental health expert. “As homosexuality has become more and more accepted in society, people are more willing to acknowledge their sexuality than they used to be.”

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Maybe banning Katy Perry from Sesame Street was not a good PR move, after all…

If you missed the Katy Perry – Elmo video that was dropped from Sesame Street after people complained about Katy’s cleavage, view it below.

Katy was on SNL doing a skit where she hops in with an Elmo shirt displaying.. well.. a very stretched out Elmo. She plays a busty teen who’s been causing a lot of “hullabaloo” at the local library due to her blossoming figure.

“Honey, you’ve exploded! Kaboom!,” noted the skit’s Poehler and Rudolph characters. They pair addressed Perry’s low-cut t-shirt featuring Elmo, saying, “Looks like this show is brought to you by the number 38 and the letter double D.” And, “Look at Elmo, his head’s all stretched out!”

Here’s the original video on Sesame Street, where Katy does a rendition of ‘Hot ‘n Cold’

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