Raiders Pay for Pryor

After seeing Jason Campbell get beat up by the 49ers yesterday, who can blame the Raiders on grabbing Terrelle Pryor with a 3rd round pick? I mean, this isn’t exactly a wasted JaMarcus Russell pick, having wasted a first overall pick several years ago. At least they didn’t take Cam Newton.

Pryor had a record of 31-4 as a starter at Ohio State that started in his freshman year. He has played in many a big game and there was never a moment too big for him. If you look down the Raiders roster, you can see that they did a good job of selecting players that came from winning programs. That has to be a big part of why the Raiders were able to break the losing record streak in 2010. Pryor would just add to the young team the Raiders have that are used to winning from their college days.

Given the shaky Raiders system, it’s possible to see Pryor starting by the end of the season, and although he was projected to be used with a 4th or 5th round pick, a starting QB from your 3rd pick is a bonus any way you look at it.

A joke in the past, is a joke in the future

JaMarcus Russell, former quarterback of the Oakland Raiders has been charged with codeine syrup possession and released on $2,500 bail. Russel’s arrest took place at his home in Alabama on Monday.

Russell rose through the ranks as the star quarterback at LSU, he was drafted in the No. 1 spot in 2007, unfortunately he failed to produce for the Raiders, winning only seven games in 25 starts, while completing just 52.1 percent of his passes with 18 career touchdowns. Russell managed only a 65.2 passer rating after throwing for 23 interceptions and giving up 15 lost fumbles.

Russell will return for a bond hearing on Wednesday and will then return again on July 20th to face charges. WALA-TV in Mobile, Alabama learned that the syrup codeine was being mixed with sprite to form a drink called “sip-sip.” If charged to the fullest extent of the law Russell can face a felony charge for carrying the drug without a prescription.

The former NFL QB should be able to afford top notch representation, having been paid $36.4 million through the 2009 season leading up to his release. ESPN is reporting that the New York Jets who had interest in acquiring Russell now have no intention of seeking his services.