Vizio tablet adds Netflix after Hulu

Netflix has abandoned their Qwikster plans, and will now be on the Vizio tablet a few weeks after Hulu was added for additional movies & television streaming options. I had figured Netflix was already on the tablet as part of the original build, since the Vizio televisions with VIA (Vizio Internet Applications) all come pre-loaded. But now, it’s there.

However it’s too bad nearly everyone canceled their Netflix accounts due to the 60% price hike; and if you did keep Netflix around, I hope you’re enjoying fewer streaming options than you previously had.

Unfortunately, I’m one of those account cancelers. And to boot, they completely cleared my DVD and instant queues, leading to my decision to likely never come back.

Farewell, Netflix! Hello, Hulu?

I canceled my Netflix after their 60% rate hike last night – yesterday was the start of a new billing cycle, and that’s when my $10 became $16 (more like $17-something after tax).

So what if I like to get a DVD every few days? I can actually grab a newer movie that Netflix doesn’t place on their streaming service, and not have to deal with the stupid bandwidth ever-changing and making it look as if I’m watching a VHS tape from the 1970s.

I checked out the Hulu Plus service for the free trial week, and we ended up watching like 4 hours of Dog the Bounty Hunter. I’m considering not signing up for the monthly membership, simply due to Linda’s ability to watch some of the stupidest shows around, in a non-stop intelligence-lowering chain.

But since Hulu also has an app on my iPhone, and i have my new Vizio tablet, which is the only tablet with Hulu installed, is still worth having? We don’t have a cable television service at home; it’s streaming, or whatever movies we have stacked around.

What do you think? Do you subscribe to Hulu, or know people who enjoy paying for the service? I loved Hulu back when it was free, and I was single, with oodles of more time on my hands.

Who Loves Hulu?

So I went out and purchased my first tablet — the Vizio that I’ve wanted since January. Benefits?

  • Vizio kicks ass
  • It’s the only tablet with Hulu installed
  • It’s one of the lowest priced tablets available in the market

I’ll let any interested parties know how I like it, once I’ve played with it for a bit. I’m still awaiting the Vizio phone, hoping it’ll be 4G…

While I’m on the topic of Hulu,.. Yahoo, Google Inc, DirecTV and have all expressed interest in purchasing the company. The price will be going from $500 million all the way up to $2 billion, and the end of this week will give a substantially¬†better outlook as to which company seems to be the one in charge.

How will all of this change the TV shows and everything else you love about Hulu? If Google wins, you can expect some sort of Hulu-YouTube merger in the future. That might have the potential for a poor, cluttered user experience. However, I can honestly say that it would be a better way to go than in the hands of Comcast, where Hulu currently resides.