Silver/Chrome Xbox 360 Slim!

While I can’t say that I am *ducks behind his desk* crazy about *keeps hiding* Halo games, I am all of the sudden intrigued. As I have mentioned before, the new Xbox 360 slim is damn sexy.

And now comes, instead of the sleek black look, a shiny silver version! Limited edition consoles are sold in the Halo Reach bundle for $400, including the game and two controllers and a headset.It’s actually not too bad of a deal, $100 additional for a $60 game, a $40-ish controller, and a $10-20 headset, plus the sweet look of a redesigned new Xbox 360, still the 250gb size.

One of the most popular video games on any console is the Halo franchise. More people play Halo alone on the Xbox Live network than those that play all other games combined online on the PS3. With the massive number of fans and players for Halo titles, a new launch in the franchise is huge for Microsoft and the publisher of the game Bungie.

The console will have custom Halo: Reach wireless controllers. The console will be silver and have a Halo design theme. The bundle also included a standard edition copy of Halo: Reach, a token for the limited edition Halo: Reach Limited Edition Elite armor set, and a wires Halo: Reach headset.

There is another very cool feature to the Xbox 360 console included in the bundle other than the color and theme. The console will feature sound effects from the Halo universe. Inside the console are a 250GB HDD, 802.lln Wi-Fi, and all the features of the newly unveiled Xbox 360. The price for the bundle is $399.