Glen Coffee makes yet another stupid move

Glen Coffee, the 23-year-old former 49er running back who retired suddenly this offseason, was arrested for carrying a concealed firearm. The charge is a 3rd degree felony.

Police in Fort Walton Beach, Fla — where Coffee went to high school — stopped Coffee early Friday morning for speeding before noticing the car had no insurance or registration. Before having the car towed, cops did a search and found a “black 380 SIG Sauer automatic pistol.”  According to the police report, “The pistol was recovered with the hammer ‘cocked’ to the rear. It was located in the center, readily accessible to Coffee.”

Ironically, Coffee cited religion as the reason for retiring: “Actually when I look back I feel I never should have entered the draft in the first place. Football was no longer my dream. I found Christ in college. It changed my views on everything. But I still was a football player because it was expected of me, it was something I did all my life. I was basically wasting the [49ers’] time. His will, I felt, wasn’t football. I felt like I forced football because everyone expected me to play football. He told me a long time ago to walk away from the game.”

Before retiring, Coffee was having a solid training camp in his second season. Coach Mike Singletary praised his effort. The 49ers’ third-round pick in 2009 out of Alabama ran for 226 yards and one touchdown in his rookie year.