Green Bay is favored over Pittsburgh

Really? Yes. Wow. The Packers are favored 2.5 points over the Steelers. I’m shocked, but possibly because Pittsburgh has plenty of Superbowl experience, including winning the big game just two years ago.

Perhaps it’s because of the ass-whooping the Packers have given the Eagles, Falcons, and now the Bears? Perhaps it’s because the Steelers were lucky to beat the Ravens, and then were praying the Jets didn’t come back for a win last night.

Perhaps it’s because Aaron Rodgers is the hottest post-season quarterback of all time. Or perhaps because BJ Raji is going to run over Big Ben Roethlisberger.

How is Green Bay going to win? Here is what I feel they need to focus on:

  1. Stopping the run. Let’s be honest, last night Matt Forte ran all over the Packers, and we saw how Rashard Mendenhall for the Steelers ran all over the Jets. We know Rashard is going to have a busy day in two weeks against the Packers, and with the Packers’ secondary stopping the passes, the Steelers are going to have to rely on the ground game.
  2. No blunders on special teams. We don’t need to see a fumbled punt, or a kick off return stopping at the 15-yard line. Please. At least get it to the 20, or let the ball roll into the end zone.
  3. No “wide receiver interceptions”. You know what I’m talking about. Donald Driver did it yesterday, a ball bounced off his hands and into a defender’s. Aaron Rodgers gets the interception credit, but it wasn’t his fault. If you can’t catch a ball, let it hit the ground, or swat it downward – not up into the air like a bunch of buffoons.
  4. Keep mixing it up with that new ground game. James Starks has been the rookie who is playing like it’s his last game, when really he just started his career. Big run, big run, oh hey 20+ yard pass to Greg Jennings!

I can’t wait to see my cheeseheads play in the big game in two weeks. YOTTO – Year of the Takeover!