Top 5 Fantasy Football QBs to stay away from

So the NFL Pre-season has officially started as of this past weekend, and I’ve done 2 of my 4 fantasy football drafts for this season already. I know many more drafts are to come, and for those of you who want the perspective of someone who has won many leagues in the past few years that I have been playing, I’ll dispense my knowledge and advice on a top-5 basis.

First up on the “do not draft list” is the duo of quarterbacks who were swapped back in 2009. Jay Cutler, and Kyle Orton.  Continue reading “Top 5 Fantasy Football QBs to stay away from” Top 5 Fantasy Football QB…

Daunte Culpepper – here to save the day?

So it’s not Josh Johnson that the 49ers will be bringing into camp to possibly be the rotating 3rd QB this year — it’s 34-year old veteran Daunte Culpepper. Jim Harbaugh confirmed yesterday that they will be trying out Culpepper today, after he spent the last year playing in the UFL.

After 18 blitzes this past weekend from the Saints to Alex Smith, Coach Harbaugh was forced to make the decision of someone who isn’t going to over react to a back situation coming at him, time and time again. While Culpepper hasn’t done much in the NFL in the past few year and the past few teams, and while he may not have anything left in the tank, he may still have more than what the 49ers do.

Neither of Alex Smith’s backups — Colin Kaepernick, a second-round draft pick out of Nevada, and Jeremiah Masoli, who was undrafted out of Mississippi, have experience with this sort of pressure in the NFL. Perhaps this is a change that they need, even if Daunte doesn’t end up taking a snap this season.