Darth Vader makes a hasty cash withdraw

Speaking of Darth Vader (see post below), I’m almost through my 7-movie Star Wars set at home. I went movie-chronological order, starting with the later trio of Episode I, II, and III — except I threw in the CGI ‘Clone Wars’ between II and III, and then continued with the old Episodes IV, V, and tonight (or this weekend) I’ll finish off with The Return of the Jedi, Episode VI.

As such, I found the post regarding the iPhone 4, and also this Darth-Vader-bank-robbery to be quite humorous.

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Even Darth Vader takes stabs at the iPhone 4, Evo, and Droid X

Regardless of what you think about the whole iPhone 4 antenna debate, there’s no denying that it’s fueling a massive amount of creativity on the Internet.

My three favorite lines from this video:

  • “Are you seriously defending the new phone by saying that it almost performs as well as the old phone? Is that what the plan is?”
  • “Ha ha, and get what, the EVO? I mean those poor saps are having light leaks and their screens peeling off after a couple of days.”
  • “And don’t even get me started on the Droid X. Uh, let’s see, you take the original phone, remove the physical keyboard, make it as big as a toaster, and still don’t add a front-facing camera? Yeah, that’s progress.”