Andre vs Cortland, round 1 – fight!

Yesterday the National Hockey League replaced their ice skates with football cleats as the Houston Texans dominated over the Tennessee Titans – in every possible way. A 20-0 game with a brawl that we have not seen in a very long time, wide receiver Andre Johnson throwing a few punches to a defenseless corner back Cortland Finnegan.

Of course, Cortland while prone for the physical alteration, had certainly been asking for a beating for some time. See the video below.

The NFL fined each player $25,000 (petty change, really) and neither player will miss any game time as a result, past the ejections they both faced. Johnson apologized after the 20-0 win against the Titans on Sunday, during which both players were ejected.

On his Monday evening radio show, Finnegan apologized for the way he left the field on Sunday when he waved his arms in an attempt to stir up the crowd. Titans coach Jeff Fisher had argued against a suspension for Finnegan and said he had “very strong opinions” supporting his belief. Johnson and Finnegan will meet again when the teams play for a second time on December 19th. I can’t wait!