Lady Gaga stagedive video

Following up on my previous post, I have the video of Lady Gaga stage diving at Lollapalooza, as well as out “outfit” that she wore again. I am actually surprised she made it out alive / unraped.

The lead singer of Semi Precious Weapons, Justin Tranter, states:

“She stood on the side of the stage, and then during the song ‘Magnetic Baby’ she started playing drums with Dan Crean. She used to get on stage with us all the time, but since she’s so famous, normally it’s not safe for her. But she played the same stage we played three years ago, and I think she was so excited about us playing that stage. Then she started singing back-up vocals, then she and I made out. Then she stage-dived and I joined her while she stage-dove. And then we made out while stage diving. And then she left.”

Gaga turns on Lollapalooza

I still need to go to this Chicago concert some time. Maybe drag Stu with me.

Quite the “costume”, there, Gaga! Although, I’d find it rather dangerous to stage dive at your level of fame wearing, basically, nothing.

Lady Gaga’s first Lollapalooza performance was on a small side stage in 2007, where she received more than a few bewildered stares and was unapologetically called a “trainwreck.” So when she headlined the first night of this year’s Lollapalooza, wearing the same silver-jeweled bra she wore at that first performance, she wasn’t going to let anyone forget where she started.

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BFD 2007

I met 7 bands. 11 CDs signed, 3 posters and a play set list from last month in Las Vegas. Overall a better success than last year’s 5 bands and 8 CDs. =)

No, I didn’t spend all day at the autograph booth, either. I saw many great bands perform, on both the Festival stages and the Main stage. Totally worth the $25-30 I paid for the ticket. ;)

Thanks to the Live 105 employees who kicked me out of line waiting to meet Sum 41. I’m sorry that you JUST saw me for Silversun Pickups and Shiny Toy Guns signings, and you felt that I was going through the line too many times. You bitches. Not that it matters as everything I brought to be signed was autographed by bands doing signing.

The Kaiser Chiefs were canceled due to time constraints (the signing area was over a half hour late to begin with – that’s hard to make up) and The Faint decided not to do signing as “they were hungry” .. lol.. can you not wait 20 minutes to eat and do your fans the favor that they came for?

Every Move a Picture was supposed to be signing at 12. Due to the fact the Shoreline staff has NO FUCKING CLUE how to manage a crowd, it took over an hour to get through the gates from the parking lot. The gates opened at 10:30, I showed around 11 and didn’t get in until around 12:10. EMAP! sat down around 12:35 and I was somehow the first person in line.. so, the EMAP postcard you see is the first signing of BFD 2007. =)

I then went and watched a few bands including The Lovemakers. I thought to myself “they’re pretty awesome!” and waddled my way over to the autograph tent where, again, there was almost no one there. They handed me a CD, signed it, and said “You’re going to love this. Turn your volume up to like 9 or 11.” .. which is just some random number unless my speaker system goes up to like 12. What if it goes up to 50? Or 100? hah..

When I met The Bravery I presented them with the play set list, the papers taped to the ground for them to read the order of their songs, from May 18th at Las Vegas’ Hard Rock. They were like “woah, I remember this!” I’m sooo getting it framed. You know, now that it’s signed!

Bloc Party was awesome, the singer goes “You know, this is the first one of these [CD booklets] I’ve seen all night”. True, everyone was getting the free posters signed, I suppose most people don’t think to bring their CDs to be signed, eh?

I watched The Kaiser Chiefs and Interpol from my Row B seats, and met up with some friends when Interpol was done. Watched Queens of the Stone Age, Social Distortion, and Bloc Party with them. As quoted from Bloc Party… “We have 2 songs left for you. Heh, blame Social Distortion…” lol.. yeah, Social D went past their time a little. ;)

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