LeBron’s “Rise”

Have you seen the new LeBron commercial? It’s about as fantastic as “The Decision” he put us all through back in July. The commercial aired today produced by Nike called “Rise”, where LeBron basically tells everyone to shove off.

The ad featured plenty of pointed imagery, including: Cleveland’s giant “WE ARE ALL WITNESSES” banner falling to the ground, James speaking to an empty room at a mock Hall of Fame induction, the “CHOSEN 1” tattoo being removed from his back and James at the wheel of a bulldozer tearing through a basketball arena.

At one point, the camera focuses close on James’ face as he declares, “I am not a role model.”

LeBron is out to settle a score with the general public and this commercial is just the most recent example of that. He takes shots at all of the doubters. He takes shots at some of his mentors. He tries to remind everyone that’s he’s been down this road before. What he really may be doing, though, is trying to cope with all of the support he has seemingly lost in the past few months. Simply put, it seems like LeBron is feeling betrayed. No matter what he’s done, he feels he can’t win. Once on top of the sports world, LeBron is now, as he points out in the commercial, a villain.

So now, he’s produced something to more or less tell you, me and everyone else that he doesn’t really care what you think. He poses the sarcastic question about what you and I think he should do throughout. The answer, LeBron, is anything from sarcastic — just shut it and play basketball. If he wanted to do a commercial so badly, do one reminding everyone of what you really are, first and foremost — a helluva basketball player, maybe the best.