Top NFL Players week 13

Most fantasy football leagues are over for their regular season, and it’s off to the playoffs. Some have a week to go, depending on how your league manager configured things. Either way, it’s been fun to review the top 5 this year, and I’ll continue to do so while the NFL season is still going on.

8 months ago, would we have seen the #1 overall pick go completely crazy like he has all year long? If it wasn’t starting off the first 2 weeks throwing for 900 yards, then it was running in touchdowns to make Michael Vick look more like Tim Tebow. Cam has done it, despite what we all thought before. He’s shown up in 9 out of the past 12 top-10 blog posts. Woah.

I’m proud that my San Francisco 49ers clinched the first division title of 2011, and just hours later my Green Bay Packers followed Suit, when my New Orleans Saints defeated the Detroit Lions who were close enough to keep the Packers from locking it up. At this point, it seems as if the Packers and 49ers will have first round byes in the playoffs, but the road to the Super Bowl still goes through Green Bay. In January. Yeoch!

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Top NFL players week 10

A little late, but it’s not as if people read these posts, right? ;)

In a year in which I thought the Philadelphia Eagles and Atlanta Falcons would dominate to challenge the Green Bay Packers for the Super Bowl, both teams lose while the 6-10 San Francisco 49ers of last year are now 8-1, and are looking at their 8th straight victory against a crappy Arizona Cardinal team this weekend.

The Packers future Hall of Fame quarterback is on track to break some records, as is the New Orleans Saints quarterback, looking back to the explosiveness he had in 2008. And while Alex Smith of the 49ers is throwing up average numbers, they’re safe numbers that are good enough to win games; 5 games up in the division, and second place overall in the entire NFL. SF is looking at a first-round playoff bye, if you can imagine that.

I’m wearing my throwback Steve Young jersey today at work to celebrate the awesomeness that has become this season.  Continue reading “Top NFL players week 10” Top NFL players week 10

Top 5 Fantasy Football RBs to stay away from

So here I am. It’s Friday night, I’m getting ready for a draft with friends, $20 entry fee. Standard rules. I randomly receive the #1 overall pick. Now, normally I dislike being in the top-5 in a draft. The first 2 or 3 aren’t bad, because the quality of guys there are pretty similar. But landing on #4 or 5 or even 6th draft pick means, not only am I going to miss out on those top-3 RBs, but I then have to wait until deep into the next round for my next pick, in which case usually the top 2-3 QBs are off the board, the top 8-10 RBs might be gone, and definitely the top 2-3 WRs.

But here I am. My opportunity to grab Adrian Peterson #1 overall, and then sit and wait until #20 + #21 for my next two picks. I look at the pre-ranked ESPN selections and think “Well, not so bad, I can grab Tom Brady and Darren McFadden, and start off pretty strong”. I load up my pre-draft choices up until the 4th round, and then go downstairs to make some nachos. Cheesy chips + beer + football? That’s a win.

The last few minutes of pre-draft go by and the draft starts as I’m walking back upstairs with some warm nacho goodness. Tick, tick, tick. Congratulations, you have just drafted Brandon Lloyd. SHITFUCKGODDAMNIT!!! Yes. My #1 overall pick went to a 4th round wide receiver. Coincidentally, he was the lucky recipient of last year’s best wide-receiver, scoring a ton of points for Denver. But this year? Ehh, with the Broncos switching coaches, and the possible likes of Tim Tebow grabbing the starting QB duties this year, it’s not very likely. But here I am, with a 4th round wide receiver as my #1 pick, and having to wait until #20 to actually start fixing my mistake draft. Way to go, Jason. Way, to, go.

It’s not easy to fix a big mistake like that, but it’s possible. Overall, my team is rather solid (in my opinion). I stay away from guys I know are going to be busts for their draft selection, and pick up guys that I feel will be better than they are drafted at. So, without boring you further, here are some guys that I definitely don’t pick up, and try to fix a mistake like mine:  Continue reading “Top 5 Fantasy Football RBs to stay away from” Top 5 Fantasy Football RB…