Top NFL players week 12

Most fantasy football leagues are down to the last week, and your favorite NFL team has  just 4 more games to play this season.

Will the Saints QB break Dan Marino’s record?

Will the Packers go undefeated?

Will the 49ers not blow it at the end?

Will the Colts win the Suck for Andrew Luck contest?

You’re less than a month away from all the answers, my friends.  Continue reading “Top NFL players week 12” Top NFL players week 12

Top NFL players week 11

The San Francisco 49ers have their first winning season since 2002, and they’re not done yet. The Green Bay Packers remain undefeated, and both teams play on Thanksgiving. It’s like a feat of my favorite teams who are both atop the entire NFL.

My Packers this week play a team who used to be a dangerous 5-0 until the 49ers exposed them, gave them their first of 3 losses, but this past weekend produced the #1 QB and #1 RB of the week. Will the Harbaugh brothers (Jim Harbaugh, 49ers coach, and John Harbaugh, Ravens coach) have a strong defensive game on Thanksgiving when they face each other? This will be the first time in NFL history two brothers square off as head coaches of their respective teams.

Thanks to Adrian Peterson, Ryan Mathews, and Fred Jackson (IR now) all having crappy games, I lost my 3rd game of the season in one of my money leagues. Ugh! Thanks a lot, guys. But on to the guys who gave their teams big points:  Continue reading “Top NFL players week 11” Top NFL players week 11

Against the 49ers, offensive coordinators need to RUN to a new game plan

27: The number of straight games the 49ers have not allowed a running back to amass 100 yards. This goes back to 2009, folks.

0: The number of rushing touchdowns the 49ers have given up this season (6 games).

1: The number of touchdowns opposing running backs have made against the 49er defense. And that was a passing touchdown to RB LeSean McCoy several weeks ago at Philadelphia in the victory over the Eagles.

Marshawn Lynch, Felix Jones, Cedric Benson, LeSean McCoy, LeGarrette Blount and Jahvid Best  have combined for 211 yards on 70 carries this season. That’s a half inch over 3 yards per carry, on average. Offensive coordinators will need to find a new way to play their game, and relying on the big pass isn’t going to be a reliable option with the 49er defense swarming the quarterback.

The San Francisco 49ers have this week off, to try to figure out how to win the first half of their games. They’ve gone into half time either trailing, or nearly losing, every week, and they’ve relied on the second half to come back and win. Let’s show some game starts with the 49ers taking a strong lead.

The NFC West division? Yeah, we all know it’s a joke. The 49ers “have been going” to the playoffs for several years now, and always seem to blow it somehow. Except this year, there are whispers of the 49ers getting a first-round bye, and seeing my Green Bay Packers (6-0) in the playoffs. They’re atop their division, and looking great in the NFC. The Seattle Seahawks (2-3) are 2.5 games back. The Arizona Cardinals (1-4) are 3.5 games back. The St Louis Rams (0-5) are just way back.

In fact, I’ll make this statement. If the 49ers go to the Super Bowl this year, I’ll get a tattoo in their honor during Pro Bowl week.