One and a half Men adds Ashton Kutcher

Ever since CBS execs said that they would go ahead with production on Two and a half Men without Charlie Sheen, speculation began as to how they would make that happen. Now that Ashton Kutcher has stepped in as his replacement, details are being leaked as to just how the show’s runners are plotting to lay things out.

The show is said to begin with the funeral of Charlie’s character where all of his girlfriends will attend the service, and his house will then be put on the market. It is rumored that several celebrities will make cameos as potential home buyers, but that Ashton’s character, Walden Schmidt, an “Internet billionaire with a broken heart”, will eventually take ownership of the house.

We can all assume that creator Chuck Lorre will make certain that jokes at Sheen’s expense will be included in the show. The season premiere will be a two-parter that will air over the first two weeks. You can catch Two and a half Men on CBS when it returns on September 19th.