If you can’t beat ’em, make ’em join your team

Two-time Super Bowl winner, all-time New York Giants franchise rushing touchdown (56) leader, big-ass motha-f’er Brandon Jacobs has signed with the San Francisco 49ers. Add in Super Bowl touchdown winner Mario Manningham and the 49ers have taken a little bit of what beat them in last year’s NFC Championship game.

Sure, Brandon Jacobs’ production has slid every year since 2007. He has knee problems that are attributed to his huge size (tacklers need to go for his knees and not his hips as he’s so big), and he is no longer an every-down-runningback. But that’s okay. We have Frank Gore who can’t finish a season for the life of him, Continue reading “If you can’t beat ’em, make ’em join your team” If you can’t beat &…

Goodbye Gore?

Are the 49ers ready to lose their 3rd best all-time running back? After watching Anthony Dixon last year and Kendall Hunter this year, I say “yes”. Let’s trade him while there’s still value.

San Francisco 49ers running back Frank Gore, who will make $4.9 million this season in the last year of his contract, is in the midst of renegotiating his deal but is growing “frustrated” with the process, according to ESPN. ProFootballTalk.com suggests that Gore may request a trade.

“I don’t sense unhappiness in Frank,” Harbaugh said, according to the paper. “It all is and sounds like water-cooler talk to me. I’m not interested in it, in the water-cooler talk. … We will deal with Frank man to man.”

After four seasons of rushing for 1,000 or more yards, the 5-9 Gore rushed for 853 last season over 11 games, scoring three touchdowns. He likely would have made it to a thousand yards again if he hadn’t fractured his hip in Week 12 against the Arizona Cardinals. The team has a first-year head coach, a promising backup in Kendall Hunter and legitimate questions about Gore’s durability.

“Hopefully, it will get done before the season,” Gore said. “If it doesn’t, I’ve just got to go play, and if I have to be a free agent, I’ll be a free agent.”