Vick staying in Philly

Eagles place franchise tag on QB Michael VickUnsure if Philadelphia even wanted to sign Michael Vick two years ago, after an outstanding season this year, the runner-up for NFL MVP is now franchised into the Eagles team. I feel that he’s definitely earned the respect of the league after the whole dog-fighting, prison sequence of events that have haunted him the past few years.

The franchise tag limits Vick’s rights as a potential unrestricted free agent and likely binds him to the Eagles for next season. He would receive the average salary of the five highest paid quarterbacks in the league. That number isn’t official yet for the 2011 season, but will likely be between $15 and $20 million. Vick earned about $5.25 million in 2010, not a bad pay raise.

Kicker David Akers also received the tag this year, going into the uncertainty if we will even have football next year. “Michael Vick and David Akers were two of our most valuable players last year,” Eagles head coach Andy Reid said. “They were well deserving of their Pro Bowl berths and we’re happy to take this step to ensure that they’ll be back in Philadelphia next season.”