I started playing EverQuest in 1999. After taking a long hiatus, I returned to the game last year and leveled up some of my favorite characters. My characters mostly reside on the Xegony server. Below are their profiles:

Lord Fenthen Jus`taceio the Truthbringer

Marauder Lomorte Twilight of Stromm – I had some of the most fun on this new server, and learned a lot about raiding back then

Kyutie, my CoH bot

Warlord Galivan Twilight (in a D&D setting, he is also a wizard-type)

Fezzie, originally used as a tracker for my Cleric

Vanazir D`esepoir, banned but not forgotten, alive once again.

Rath is my current project, and one of my favorite characters to play in a DND setting: Paladin turned Warrior escalated back to Paladin


Here are some Magelo signatures I have made:


Here are some Magelo backgrounds I have made (resized down, as they are 800×600 pixels):