Super Bowl 2007, part II – Patriots versus Giants

The New York Giants didn’t beat the San Francisco 49ers so much as the 49ers just beat themselves. Two lost kick/punt returns by Kyle Williams (who I can reasonably see as not making the 53-man roster next year now, despite his fill-in receivingĀ statisticsĀ this season) combined with having zero third-down conversions after twelve tries. Yes, the 49ers were 0-for-12 on 3rd down.

How do the 49ers normally win football games? The +28 turnover margin got them to the playoffs. They had no fumble recoveries or interceptions tonight. Notch that as a -2 turnover stat.

The Giants beat the Green Bay Packers last week in overtime with a field goal, and they did it to the 49ers this week in a similar fashion. I don’t feel as if the New England Patriots will be as forgiving two weeks from now, in the Super Bowl. Hey, at least Eli can say hi to his brother’s stadium in Indianapolis.

Which team has the best NFL Nike Pro Combat jersey design?

Are the Nike jerseys for next year the real thing, or are they glorious redesigns by an artist who worked on the Nike uniforms for College football? Either way, we have your NFC and AFC champions, ready to battle it up over who has the best looking design!

The voting ends one month from now – the night of Super Bowl XLVI – the 46th year of the greatest single-day championship in the world.


Who has the best 2012 Nike Combat jersey design?

  • Carolina Panthers (57%, 70 Votes)
  • Cincinnati Bengals (43%, 52 Votes)

Total Voters: 122

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