How to Flood Your Bathroom

This was originally posted by meĀ  November 1, 2007 on MySpace, but I found it classic enough to want to share again. ;)


“So the drippy faucet”, I thought to myself at 7 am this morning as
I can’t go back to sleep for my alarm to faithfully awaken me at 8, “has
finally gotten to me.”

You see, being that I don’t pay the water bill (HOA covered) I hadn’t
been too concerned with it. Putting cost into something that’s not costing
me anything is well.. heh, throwing money down the drain, literally.

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blah life

I’m at the point where I can’t even have an honest meeting with a new person, date, or whatever, because I’m thinking of someone else. How fucked up is that? I have passed up several opportunities for one thing or another, which I must admit is abnormal for a mid-20’s male.

How does one get over this feeling? Find a way to hate or be disgusted with the one you have your heart towards? I am certainly unwilling to give anyone else an open chance, so the “find someone new” theory will undoubtedly not work in this instance.