Lady Gaga’s newest record, 20 million Twitter followers

She’s set numerous YouTube records with her 10-minute-long music videos, but now she’s set a new record on a new popular media website.

Lady Gaga has established herself as the unchallenged queen of Twitter, becoming the first to have 20 million followers, two million more Justin Bieber with 18 million.

A relatively early adopter, @ladygaga joined the site on March 26th, 2008. Continue reading “Lady Gaga’s newest record, 20 million Twitter followers” Lady Gaga’s newest …

To Nip Slip, or not to Nip Slip?

That’s been sadly the big question since this weekend. Did Jennifer Lopez throw in a “nip slip” at the Oscar’s?

Apparently J-Lo couldn’t contain her laughter when she learned about the drama surrounding her maybe/maybe not nipple moment at the Oscars, according to her personal stylist, Rob Zangardi, who personally zipped Lopez into her Oscar’s dress and then helped her change into another low cut outfit after the show.  Continue reading “To Nip Slip, or not to Nip Slip?” To Nip Slip, or not to Ni…

Which seat did Rebecca Black take on Friday?

I always want to force people to watch this stupid video on Fridays, but since she cried on and on and had the video blocked on YouTube, it’s increasingly difficult to find.

Until now. When I put it on my site, bwahaha!

I want to thank the studio for making this available to the public. They can contact me if they have any problems.

Also, I’ve located some comical photos, which I shall now place into this blog!   Continue reading “Which seat did Rebecca Black take on Friday?” Which seat did Rebecca Bl…