To Nip Slip, or not to Nip Slip?

That’s been sadly the big question since this weekend. Did Jennifer Lopez throw in a “nip slip” at the Oscar’s?

Apparently J-Lo couldn’t contain her laughter when she learned about the drama surrounding her maybe/maybe not nipple moment at the Oscars, according to her personal stylist, Rob Zangardi, who personally zipped Lopez into her Oscar’s dress and then helped her change into another low cut outfit after the show.  Continue reading “To Nip Slip, or not to Nip Slip?” To Nip Slip, or not to Ni…

Champion Jockey, without the horse

Please, don’t try this at home. Or better yet – please do!

Champion Jockey: G1 Jockey and Gallop Racer, one of the new games line up that’s came from Tecmo Koei for Wii, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, will have everyone laughing. At you.

We’ve used our new Kinect at home briefly, due to time constraints with our end-of-the-year schedule coming to a complete state of fullness, but we have had fun nonetheless; mostly at how wacky we look playing the games. This one is no different.

If you think this game is just a joke, think again, and watch the video!

So – pass or try?

Farewell, Netflix! Hello, Hulu?

I canceled my Netflix after their 60% rate hike last night – yesterday was the start of a new billing cycle, and that’s when my $10 became $16 (more like $17-something after tax).

So what if I like to get a DVD every few days? I can actually grab a newer movie that Netflix doesn’t place on their streaming service, and not have to deal with the stupid bandwidth ever-changing and making it look as if I’m watching a VHS tape from the 1970s.

I checked out the Hulu Plus service for the free trial week, and we ended up watching like 4 hours of Dog the Bounty Hunter. I’m considering not signing up for the monthly membership, simply due to Linda’s ability to watch some of the stupidest shows around, in a non-stop intelligence-lowering chain.

But since Hulu also has an app on my iPhone, and i have my new Vizio tablet, which is the only tablet with Hulu installed, is still worth having? We don’t have a cable television service at home; it’s streaming, or whatever movies we have stacked around.

What do you think? Do you subscribe to Hulu, or know people who enjoy paying for the service? I loved Hulu back when it was free, and I was single, with oodles of more time on my hands.