“Some Random Guy” on the cover of Madden 12

So the rigged votes are in, and a Cleveland Browns player is the new face of the Madden NFL videogame franchise. Peyton Manning? No, it’s Peyton Hillis. The 4th-best runningback of the 2010 NFL season. On a team that went with 5 wins and 11 losses last season, losing as many games at home as they had total wins all year long.

I’m not going to give any statistical information, about how Hillis went from 54 yards in 2009 (Denver Broncos) to 1177 yards in 2010, or how Jerome Harrison of the 2009 Cleveland Browns had the same 4.4 yard per rush average that Peyton had in 2010 of the same team. Or the fact that the Steelers in the same AFC-North division as the Browns made it to the Superbowl, and the Browns made it to 6th overall draft pick (which is happening today, by the way!).

I also will not mention how Peyton beat out both Aaron Rodgers, Superbowl 2010 MVP and Michael Vick, NFL’s MVP / Offensive Player of the Year / Pro Bowl starting quarterback.

Either way — congrats, Peyton Hillis. Now go break a leg. The Madden Curse dictates it to be so.

Randy Moss as a Titan

The Titans felt that Randy Moss was just too good to pass up twice. After skipping Moss in the 1998 draft, Tennessee claimed him off the waiver wire yesterday, in case you have not already heard.

“Timing is everything,” coach Jeff Fisher told The Associated Press on Wednesday night. “I really think the quicker we get him on the field, the longer he’s here, the more productive he’ll be. We think that he can help us, and I’m looking forward to seeing him run under those deep balls.” The Titans didn’t seem to be the front-runner to get Moss, ranking 23rd among NFL teams in the waiver system. But Tennessee was the only team to put in a claim on the talented, but much-traveled wideout. “Randy’s been a good teammate, and he’s very popular. I think this is a great opportunity for him. It’s a fresh start,” Fisher said.

There were three teams that I thought would have grabbed Moss first, based on waiver-order-priority in this post here. The Titans were the 4th (and last) team I assumed Moss would fall to.

The Madden Curse

The Madden Curse. We’re familiar. We’re aware.

Congratulations Saints, but I hope you have a backup quarterback ready to go.

If I was Drew, perhaps I would have said “Uhm, yeah, thanks guys.. I appreciate it. But I’ll pass. Go hit up Jared Allen, we don’t want to play the Vikings anyhow.”

Take a look at the past Madden NFL cover athletes, and their fate that year.

Troy Polamalu injured his posterior cruciate ligament

Brett Favre admitted to suffering a torn biceps injury

Vince Young sustained a knee injury which put him out of the game; he didn’t start again for the rest of the year

Shaun Alexander sustained a foot injury that caused him to miss six starts

Donovan Mcnabb tore the ACL and meniscus in his right knee

Ray Lewis had his season cut short in week 15 with a wrist injury

Michael Vick broke his leg in pre-season and missed the first 12 games

Marshall Faulk underwent reconstructive knee surgery and retired