Adios, phone numbers!

Apparently we’re having yet another new telephone area code in the San Francisco bay area. Go figure, all of the new cell phone plans outweigh the downward trend of home phone lines and complete lack of pager numbers. Represent the 669…! I can only see numerous sexual innuendos coming out of this.

The past four nights have combined a stunning total of around 14 hours of sleep, and my saving grace is this warm cup of cocoaespressocoffee that I make with our nifty machine upstairs. I’d blame Ron and the brunch that I went up to the city for on Saturday, which then led to breakfast on Sunday morning, but that’s honestly only a small section of the story at this part. On the flip-side, tonight is (tentatively) the first night I’ll be in my own bed since Thursday! You have no idea how I am looking forward to that.

Let’s see.. a couple weeks ago, when I had more free time (ahem), I passed through 10,000 gamer points on Xbox Live. It’s only fitting that the 80 point achievement for being crowned ruler of Albion in Fable III would be the achievement to push me past that milestone. I don’t think I’ve turned on my Xbox 360 since. I was going to purchase a Kinect, too.. but not if I don’t have time to play!

School’s going well. Stats is still a joke, and I have large projects in both my business and microeconomic theory classes, so that should be entertaining to compile together last-minute. Go me!

Lastly, are we tired of hearing about Charlie Sheen yet? Just when we get out and away from Lindsay Lohan, the media becomes fascinated with another drug/alcohol abused victim. I can’t wait to see who our new celebrity target will be once Charlie is completely washed up.

Attack of the Birds!

I woke up. I went for a swim. I came to work, and made some taquitos. My day has been hell ever since.

I make my round of call backs for customer issues that I have open, and after 2 phone calls, I actually end up with 3 more tickets than I had to begin with. Seriously? And it’s been like this for the past 2 weeks. I’m finally taking a breather from my day to complain to the world right now. TGITh?

So, I scored a 97% on my math test from last week. The one that took me 25 minutes to do and had people upset that I walked out of class so early. I missed a single point on a graph, while technically correct, apparently was not “pretty enough” for the professor. Sorry, I did not utilize colored pencils in my drawing. Sue me.

I finished off all single-player achievements in Assassins Creed: Brotherhood over this past weekend, and “accidentally” spent 8 hours playing Fable III, on the holiday Monday. The new game is pretty much like Fable II, with updated graphics and the ability to have random online players join your game, marry you, divorce you, and then give me 262,000 gold coins. Thanks for that by the way, my newbie character is now a landlord god, and I’m purchasing any and all buildings I come across.

As a finishing note, eBay’s trademark policies are killing me. That is all.